Friday, July 27, 2018

Too Kind

President Trump barred communist nuisance shill Kaitlan Collins from one event. ONE EVENT for her misbehavior in the oval office during the Q&A after President Trump's meeting with the Eew Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. This is the equivalent of making a six year old sit still for one round of ring a ring -o-rosies during play time.
To be honest, most six year olds are better behaved than Kaitlan. The press pool covering the White House has been terrible since their god Barry the Arab, departed. It is almost as if they were all in on the plot to steal the election for HiLlARy the slinky and that is why they are acting like spoiled brats or worse.
It is my opinion that Collins should have been booted permanently, and CNN warned that one more staffer who acts like Acosta or Collins, and Saddam's favorite network will be stuck reporting from outside the fence.
I bet Barron gets heavier discipline that the press pool. The conduct of our President's older kids certainly shows they were not let off easily. They act like adults are supposed to act.

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