Sunday, July 29, 2018

Kansas needs rid of this turd

Koch owned Kevin Yoder is running his mouth, and what is coming out aint purdy. This mouth piece is wanting to give away green cards to 200,000 college grads from India. Just what we need.
Yoder's plan would target only immigrants from India. These people would willingly work cheaper than American graduates because their job is a ticket for chain migration. They then bring their extended family who receive government benefits.
I am pro-immigration, but I want immigration to fill jobs Americans cannot or will not do, or immigration to supplement where American workers cannot bridge the gap a growing economy creates.
If our universities are churning out qualified grads who are finding jobs, and the market is still in desperate need, import foreigners. When it comes to certain professions, I would much prefer they be filled by American university graduates. That is especially true in medicine. America first!
But that is not the only issue I have with Yoder. Being Koch's puppet, he is mouthing off about wanting to revive Barry Soetoro's catch and release. Yup, Koch suckers like catch and release, and Yoder sucks the ass of globalists David and Charles Koch.
Yoder  though is walking a tight rope. What The Kochs want and what Kansans will tolerate are two different things. It's time to find a better rep than Kevin Yoder.

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