Sunday, July 15, 2018

A complete waste of time

Republicans in Congress are considering impeaching Rotten Rod Rosenstein, the highest ranking remaining seditious scumbag involved in the effort to undermine the 2016 election.
To be clear, I believe that He is guilty of treason, needs to be removed, needs to be charged, tried convicted and executed, but an impeachment at this time is a total waste of time.
Why? It take a 50% threshold in the House to impeach. OK, with 236 of 435 seats, we've got  this, obtaining the impeachment should be a cake walk. Conviction? Not so fast. The Senate is intensely bi-partisan,  and while Republicans hold a slim majority, it takes a 2/3 majority to get a conviction. Lets face facts, shall we? Several members of the republican caucus are about as reliable as a French train. McInsane, who likely would not return for the proceedings would most likely vote to keep him, and there are liberal republicans like Susan Collins and Lindsey Gramnasty. Even if those two voted to impeach, does anyone think the communist cabal led by Chuck the schmuck would vote to remove one of their operatives?
The only way Traitor Rod is gone, is if President Trump Or AG Sessions fires him and escorts him to the door. (I don't think Schmuck is smart enough to sacrifice Rod to save the election.) That would likely spark even more liberal misbehavior.
In terms of actually accomplishing a dang thing, this scores a resounding ZERO. IN terms of political points, we are in an election cycle, and this may help the republican caucus. Plenty of folks have seen just how evil Strzok is, and he worked for Mueller who was appointed and anointed by Rotten Rod.

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