Thursday, July 12, 2018

I am ashamed

In Kansas? How could something like this happen in Kansas? KU has a less than stellar reputation. It is about as left wing as Bezerkly Mexifornia, but still, to desecrate the American flag and live another day, in Kansas?
After outcry from Both republican candidates, they took it "down", that is to say they are sticking it in the Spencer Museum of Art "where we can continue the important conversation it has generated".
Lets have that important conversation, should we A, burn the university to the ground, B, lynch all the staff, C, Post their heads on pikes at the point where each interstate highway enters Kansas?
The leftards were rioting at several Universities a couple years back. Mizzu has seen a sharp decrease in attendance. Why should we, the conservative residents of Kansas fund this crap? Why should it be allowed on a public university campus, and why should the communist staff of KU receive another dime from people who had to work to earn it? NO, I don't actually want any of the staff killed or the property torched, I just want liberals to respect those of us who are forced to fund their delusional lives.
KU, proving once again that CLAMS are the enemy of America and the enemy of humanity. As for Josephine Meckseper, they should take her sorry ass and deposit it in Venezuela so she can develop a greater appreciation for her communist life style.

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