Friday, July 27, 2018

HTL Airlines? I wish

United Airlines, the carrier famous for mistreating American citizens, is now saying they will offer free flights to reunite families... Deportable alien families who were seperated because mean Mr Trump insisted on enforcing policies put in place a long time ago, but ignored by Barry the Arab.
I'd be all in for that if what they were doing was loading planes full of illegals we caught and hauling them as far south as possible, or at least to their country of origin.
Back in November of 2016, after President Trump had finished trashing the slinky, I dug up an old post of Denny's, dusted it off, and hung it out. Yup, doing it again as a reminder that the United States, and our Constitutional Republic system of government, are unique in the world, and if you do not like our system of government, flawed, but still the best in the world, feel free to move to a country that has implemented socialism and study it up close and personal.
How many millions of people cross illegally into Venezuela every year? How many boat loads of refugees try to land in Cuba? How many have escaped into North Korea?
Our forefathers built a great nation. You do not see that in any of the monarchies of Europe from which our families fled as human refuse. You do not see it in the dynasties of Asia, nor the tribes of Africa. The greatest nation on earth was formed her with the cast off people of other lands. GOD took the stones rejected by Europe, Asia, Africa and others and made us the cornerstone of liberty.

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