Sunday, July 1, 2018

Don't think this is the galactic insane asylum?

Let's take a look shall we? After every election, the losing side examines their policies, platform, and candidates to determine why they lost. In 2008 republicans unwisely chose McInsane John for their candidate, his turn yada yada yada. Voters took a look at the history of both, and while there was darn near none on Barry, there was enough on the Vietnamese ace to let folks know he was as left as any democrap had ever gone.
Failing to learn their lesson, in 2012, republican establishment opted to run Mittens McRomneycare, a POS who made Barry appear almost sane... and lost again.
2016 rolls around, and what happens? Well, rank and file republicans, fed up with liberal infiltraitors rebelled and chose Donald Trump. The general electorate as well decided that he was a better choice than HiLlARy.
Now the shoe is on the other foot. What do democraps do? Why did they lose? Is it that HiLlARy is so repugnant? So criminal, so evil? Or is it their strategies, their message? Probably both, but bearing in mind that the slinky is in the running for 2020 tells you where their minds might be. President Trump's policies are working so far. Businesses are coming back, the job situation has improved, Criminals are being dealt with, North Korea appears ready to come in from the cold.
Again, what do democraps do? Voters in New York kicked the incumbent Joe Crowley to the curb. Good move. Good move? They are replacing him on the ballot with a communist who makes Bernie seem like a conservative. The message thus far from liberals is they want to go full Cuba, or is that Venezuela? and embrace the very worst aspects of communism, the things even Hugo Chavez kept quiet until he had consolidated power.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sounds like she was trained in Caracas or Havana, not in a United States school. OK, given the leanings of most college professors, maybe I should not put it like that. Even socialist candidates seeking reelection are sounding off against the policies which have improved the living standard for their rank and file and vowing to stop America from becoming great again.
So what we are seeing in the insanity of politics is the leaders refusing to accept that their choices were wrong. Just as the republicans did in 2012, and attempted in 23016, communists inside the democrap party are doubling down on losing, taking their policies further left and pushing cankles to run yet again. I'd say 2020 will be a cake walk, but corruption and fraud will rear their ugly heads yet again.

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