Sunday, July 8, 2018

So actually they have TWO or more serious mental health problems

Md Mag reports that kids who identify as transgender have more mental health issues than cisgendered kids. Who Knew? Actually, a lot of experts have been saying that gender dysphoria should be treated in the same way as anorexia. We would never encourage a skinny kid who believes they are too fat to diet, such a thing would soon result in them starving to death or causing serious permanent damage. Yet we have boys taking dress up too far, and girls playing guy getting out of control, and we encourage it?
I have said it before and I'll say it again, destroying your genitals won't switch your sex, it will only render you sterile. And yes, I still think that in some cases, it is a good thing. What kind of parent is ok with that? What is wrong with a person who sees their child doing that and knowing they will be unable to reproduce says yes, son, get your nuts chopped off for posterity.
On the plus side, the vast majority of the ones doing this are liberals, so many many mental health issues is what we are seeing here. Thus sterility is a good thing.

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