Saturday, July 7, 2018

HaaVhaduh's token savage is at it again

Liarwatha, Princess of the Wahknabbian (pronounced Wanna be an) Indian tribe is attacking President Trump's coming pick to head the EPA. With the resignation of Scott Pruitt due to unrelenting harassment and intimidation, Our President has yet another vacancy. While the EPA is largely a useless thugocracy intended to stifle economic growth and foster the globalist shunting of industry to regions with low wages and lower economic standards, the fact remains that we the people are stuck with them at least for the present.
Fauxcahontas is demanding that the head of the EPA be some one gullible enough to believe the lies about man made climate change. Hate to tell ya, but you represent exactly 1% of the votes whether or not to approve the next head of the EPA. And that is 1% more than it should be. Now be nice, and go bite Chuck the schmuck. With luck, rabies will claim both of you.

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