Saturday, July 14, 2018

Just a thought

Mule ears and Rotten Rod Rose-n-crime held a press conference and reported indictments of another dozen Russian agents whom they claim accessed the DNC, DNCC, and HiLlARy servers.
Why would they do that? To help Trump? If that were the case, it would be the biggest mistake of Vlad's miserable life. The wikileaks docs came from Seth Rich, NOT Russia.
ObamAA- had so many apparatus spying on the Trump campaign it would have been impossible for the Russians to not be aware of it making the chances of them passing anything to DJT a risk not worth taking.
So, why would Russia spy? Dirt? Cankles has a closet full of skeletons that would make the Smithsonian look like a back alley flea market, and not just the slinky, every person in close proximity to her. SAo much dirty crap happening that if CNN had been honest and reported it, they'd have needed four channels fully staffed.
My bet is that Russia thought HiLlARy would win, and they wanted to have things in place for just that. Remember the Meeting at Trump Tower with the Russian spy? The bait and switch? Some one in Russia was setting the Trump campaign up for a scandal, and they nearly pulled it off. That was coordinated through the SCoaMF in the White House and happened with his blessings.
Russia helped team communist, but they also wanted to hedge for the time when they were going to want a favor from the democrats.
That is why the FBI has not had access to the servers. They contain the material which the Russians copied, and that material would be seriously damaging to the dems if the contents were revealed. Sure, the dems control Strzok, Commie, and Rosenstein, but they do not control every agent in the FBI and to put trust in so many people would be unthinkable.
The dems are imploding. Putin, if he wanted, could produce several people who would be identified as persons indicted. Then, demand discovery and watch the fireworks. such a move would create chaos in Washington like you would not believe, and could cripple the United States, especially ou intelligence community much to the benefit of our enemies.
I doubt they will simply because  they reap so much benefit from useful idiots like Maxipad Waters and Nancy P. Lousy. not to mention McInsane and others.

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