Monday, July 23, 2018

I have the answer for him

Toronto Canada's not-so-bright mayor addressed the city council after the mass shooting asking, “Why does anyone in this city need to have a gun at all?”
The shooter, identified as Faisal Hussain, killed two young ladies and wounded thirteen more when he opened fire in a popular neighborhood of dining establishments. He was later found dead after a gun fight with police.
Considering the name, I am about 99.9999% certain he was a mooslime. Call me an islamiphobe, but the vast majority of random mass shootings in the last two decades have been pedophile worshipers. Lutherans are cagier, they invite you to a pot luck, then fill you so full of artery clogging delicious food you fall over dead from a heart attack 48 hours after leaving the church.
Canada is fast turning into another version of Mexico where tight gun laws keep honest folks from having them, while the criminals who just don't care about following laws ignore the gun laws right along with the ones about killing folks, robbing them and raping them. Gee, any one see a problem?
Of course, we have our share of bad folks, or had... Yeah, 6ix9ine is about as bad as the thug who robbed him. The down side of a citizen having to stop a thug is that the citizen has to deal with the emotional trauma while the police officer gets counseling at taxpayer expense.
Faisal's family is trying to claim he was mentally ill. I might agree, any one who believes the bull in the koran has a few brain cells not connected right.
The United States provides a pretty good example of how gun laws work. Chiraq with strict gun laws has skyrocketing crime. Same for Washington, same for New Orleans. Cities where  the gun laws have been relaxed, and citizens have the right to carry and also to defend themselves and others, see a drop in the number of attempted assaults. Yes, crimes still happen, but the thugs get the Travon Martin treatment and go away.
So Mr Mayor, it is really quite simple, Your citizens need guns to defend themselves from scum like Faisal, and frankly, you, because the police are not able to be there all the time.

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