Sunday, July 22, 2018

Rowe is right

Mike Rowe lamented on the vast number of good paying job vacancies being passed over because kids want that college education. He then got accused of shaming people who get degrees. Yup, every one is a victim.
Dawn Baker is right though, kids today don't want to work hard. We have a generation of LAZY to contend with, and sad to say, they are going to have to contend with America's future. Kids don't want to work hard because they have never been made to work hard. Then, when they get home, they slip into the running shorts and expensive foot gear and go out and play in traffic to get their exercise for the day.
It used to be that kids were made to work. Lawn care was done mostly by high school kids who hauled a mower around behind their bike and earned spending money that way.
One guy I knew was given a wash bucket and a window squeegee for his twelfth birthday and told to start earning his way in life. He was a millionaire at 18.
As for the self inflicted wounds, I'll state my piece;
It used to be that only about 9% of high school graduates entered college. A study by Harvard showed that over 72% of men born between 1886 and 1890 did not go beyond 8th grade. By 1968, when those born in 1950 came of age, that percentage had fallen to just under 7%, and the percentage who attended college rose from 8.6% to 35.3%. Other papers cite a figure some what higher.
Depending on who you want to believe, the rate of college participation increased to around the 2/3 mark by 1998.
The democrats want to boost that number to 100%. Now, I believe having a well educated population is a good thing. Knowledge begets knowledge, people who learn to love learning seek it in a never ending quest for knowledge.
Here are the problems I see;
1. We are not educating people in the primary schools. Kids completing sixth grade today are far behind their peers from fifty years ago. Participation trophies don't produce learning skills and ethics.
Students entering college today often have to take entry level courses just to get them up to the standards needed to participate in 100 level classes.
2. Our colleges are churning out meaningless degrees. Instead of educated achievers, we now have indoctrinated zombies. What use is a degree in gender studies, or any studies for that matter? If a degree does not lead to a career, or at least a job opportunity that would be unavailable without it, it is a waste of time, money and a life.
3. These kids graduate indoctrinated and useless. When they cannot find a job, they are staring at the fact they wasted $70,000 for nothing. Who do they blame? Capitalism! They are so indoctrinated at that point they cannot understand that they made a seriously poor choice.
4. What becomes of the money? Quite simply, it goes to pay outrageous salaries for entitled liberals who have never done an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. They in turn funnel it to their favorite liberal cause via a tax deductible donation, and from there it filters through the sands of the communist party into campaign donations.
5. What about the debt? Most schools have a staff dedicated to hounding the deadbeats and collecting. Some pay, others declare bankruptcy and we the working stiffs pick up the slack.
6. Our standards have plummeted.  We have high school grads who cannot read, barely write, and math is a concept they do no grasp. History is brushed over, and Civics? HA! I was appalled twenty years ago when they started the no wrong answer crap. Kids could spell words how ever they chose, and Webster be damned. So what if Webster spelt it wrong?
We used to be #1. We once had the best educated people on the planet, and we sent men to the moon without the computers and technology we have available today.
It used to be that news reporters were high school graduates. heck, a few small town papers only demanded you be able to write legibly. People wanted to know the who, what, when, where, possibly the why, and occasionally the how of the story. Now the reporters need to have a college degree, and by the time you've read the article, you've also read what some unknown schmuck in China who never had a thing to do with the story tweeted about it. Gone is sound journalism. Every thing today is crunched into sound bites, and the people doing it are better educated, but dumber than the kids who did it in days long past. Oh, and they have to include the angle on why it is President Trump's fault.
Then again, reporting today is not about reporting at all, it is about telling people whom the education system failed, what they should think about things which are relatively simple and have nothing to do with them.
We also have a quality issue with today's kids. For the past eight years, E-verify has been largely ignored. Now, with President Trump's policies in place and people again watching, employers are finding it hard to hire the illegal workers. Up until recently, the fake green cards  were largely treated like real ones.
That should be great news for American's looking for work. No more competition from illegals. A lot of these people though have zero work ethic. The MOD for a local fast food was telling me that one worker was running behind, so she just reached up and cleared the screen. Wiped the orders for seven customers away. Immediately after doing that, the worker announced she needed a break, right in the middle of noon rush, walked outside, sat down next to the garbage can, and had a cigarette. Another worker decided he didn't like wearing shoes and was running around the kitchen bare foot.
So, who would you rather have making your burger, an illegal who wants to work, or a legal who got booted off welfare?
And no, I don't want to let the legal back on welfare, she can starve to death or her kids live under a bridge and I do not care.
America is in decline because we are failing the next generation. We are not preparing them for life, so they have to have cry rooms at college while former pillars of virtue are castigated by the professors. Liberals are intent on destroying this nation. We are the last bastion of true freedom in the world. The Congressional Left, Academia, and the Media are our enemy. Low-fo voters are their tools. We won't change people's minds easily, they won't change until they become uncomfortable with the information they are being fed and come to  the conclusion that something is amiss.

I'll leave you with a story;
A man became convinced he was dead. He went to see a coroner about an autopsy. The coroner, being somewhat wise, scheduled him for a visit two weeks out, and told him he needed to do one thing in the mean time, he was to walk around repeating, "Dead men don't bleed".
So the guy went around for two weeks faithfully repeating, dead men don't bleed, over and over. One the day of the scheduled "autopsy" he arrived at the mortuary. The doctor escorted him into the exam room, had him sit on the gurney. All the while, the man was muttering, "Dead men don't bleed".
The coroner took a knife and sliced the man's finger. immediately blood squirted out. The man stared for a moment in amazement, then said, "I'll be damned, dead men do bleed."

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